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footage broadcast via djing, sampling, scratching, processing...

To make it clear, sounds like: dubstep+brokenbeats+harsh-fast-breaks+oldschool-hardhouse+speedcore... still dancefloor grounded.

Exploring, of course, paratatic articulations rather than syntactic coordinations. Audio beyond normal synapsis or schizophrenia = parataxia


  mix by Parataxia
Title: CLa Muela del Juicio
Info: DJ mix , mp3 , 63 min



Act: Dj Set / dub - no skool breaks - breakcore.
Homebase: Belin - Germany        
Label(s): X-Tractor - Nucleo Roto        
Booking: contact@x-tractor.org        
Download: >>>        
Web: http://parataxia.org